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Roger Campbell has worked with Carroll’s Aligning Service of Charlotte, NC for over 30 years. Carroll’s retired their business and Roger purchased the equipment and opened Roger’s Tire Tuning. The purchase of a 16’ enclosed trailer enabled Roger’s Tire Tuning to become mobile. Mobile tire balancing and truing services are a huge asset for motor homes, trailers, and tractor-trailer owners. There is a service charge for mobile repairs.

Roger's Tire Truing services include:

Mobile Tire Truing

Mobile Tire BalancingTires are not naturally round, instead they are slightly oval or egg shaped. The inability to produce perfectly rounded rubber tires creates the need for weights to balance tires and wheels. Tire truing does not eliminate tire weights; instead it eliminates the oval on the tire. The process of truing will provide a much smoother ride, longer lasting tires, better tire wear, and more efficient fuel mileage. You will save gas by having your tires trued.

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Wheel Balancing

Wheel BalancingTires and wheels that are unbalanced damage the vehicle and provide an uncomfortable ride. A balanced tire and wheel will save on gas, tire wear and costly damage to some of the steering components of a vehicle. Balanced tires and wheels have an even wear and require replacement less frequently. Wheels still need to be rotated in order to maximize the life of tires. Roger’s Tire Truing offers complete tire rotation and balancing.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignmentProper alignment is a crucial factor in the overall health of a vehicle. Improper alignment will destroy the life of tires, steering components and impact the life of a car, truck, van or trailer. Roger’s tire truing offers wheel alignment and truing for most vehicles. This will improve the life of the tires, wheels and vehicle. Roger’s mobile services can come to your home or office to perform the alignment service. Service charges apply to mobile repairs.

Axle Straightening

Axel StraighteningTrailers take tons of abuse during the work day. Often times, the axle can become impacted and damaged, causing it to become slightly bent and irregular. Roger’s tire truing has the experience and equipment to straightening axles, thus returning them to proper standards. Bent or out of alignment axles, will greatly reduce the life of tires. We work directly with many of the Race Teams, straightening the axles on the car haulers and trailers.


Welding servicesRoger’s tire truing, offers mobile welding services. The mobile unit is fully equipped to repair most welding applications. Welding services include: Tig welding, Mig welding, and Stick welding. Roger’s tire truing welding services specialize in light duty, trailer and axle repair. Contact Roger for more details on welding services. 704-577-8461

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